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Dear readers,

I have registered, and going forward, that will be the primary url for this blog.

Please don’t take my silence for disinterest. I moved, started a new job, and went away for the holidays, but after Pantheacon, I’ll be writing on the following topics:

Is This A God or Not? Another common question, on the theme of “how seriously should I take my gnosis?” I will touch on thought forms, both intentional and unintentional.

The Crossing of Roads. Hekate’s Deipnon, a monthly feast for the dead, was traditionally given at the crossroads. What is it about the crossing of roads that let the living and dead touch, and how else might this be important in our practice?

Ritual: A Circle Casting For Hermes and Hekate. All effective ceremonies resonate with the mythology of the gods whom they call. See this in action with a ritual that consecrates your working space with the magick of the crossroads, and the names of Hermes and Hekate.

Finding Power in a Difference of Perspective. It can be difficult for people in a community where gnosis is prevalent to come to terms seeing the gods in different ways. If someone is right, and there are omens to back it up, does someone with a dissenting opinion have to be wrong? Learn how to handle these differences of perspective and even to draw strength from them in this article.

Finally, much thanks to all of the interesting people who have messaged me with questions. It really helps to broaden my thinking, and has been a much-needed kick in the pants during this time of transition.


Thenea Pantera

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