A Poem about Nature, Congress, and Mythological Beings

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I sing of the sky electric,

Whirling, and enigmatic —

Of black clouds and hot white flashes

and the Loud-Thundering One.

Of all virtues, hospitality is King, and Zeus is the god of hospitality.

Oh where does Judgement reign?

The world has gone mad, the sky has become silent

I long for the sound of the thunder-clap!

From high throne, shout loudly,

“Kwa! Kiya! Wakiya! Wak!”

Even a just King may lose his crown,

Even a good Judge may have his gavel taken.

The Host stripped of his home,

The Famous One robbed of his good name.

But this endures:

As surely as lightning follows quarreling clouds,

As surely as thunder follows lightning,

As surely as thunder must find the Earth,

Sun must follow soon after the rain.

Truth must follow after treason.


If you cannot reign in Judgement from the Mountain of Fire

If you cannot lay low the haughty

If you cannot undo the success of the wicked

If every god who reigns in heaven has gone deaf,

Then cling to the feathers of the Thunderbird

Bring an omen of deluge to give voice to your indignation

Bring a loud, bright-screeching omen from out of the darkness

Light up the night sky as a blinding vision of daylight

For no matter what lies in the hearts of men

The lightning, forever, is yours.


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