Dear Hermes: Part I

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Sometimes, I have no idea what to make of you. Or maybe it’s that I have no idea what to make of the nature of talking to mythological beings. 

You seem inconsistent, sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s just me. You say one thing, then another, then you do something that seems to belie both. Then, I remember that you are a god of lies, and I wonder if communicating with you in words is a good idea. Then, I remember that you are a god of words, and if not for words, what are any of us to you?

Today, I started work on re-reading your mythology. Primary source text stuff, some of it quite obscure to modern readers. I try to apply what I know about Theurgy from the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Wicca and everything else I know. Nothing seems quite right. 

The Hellenic rites I learned for worship do not have the stated goal of facilitating personal experience. They are exoteric. 

How does one begin to speak to you? How can a person get a powerful, yet traditional connection to the gods of an ancient culture? Where do I start?




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