The Crossroads Ritual Project

I am slowly, but surely, working toward a ritual which will mystically attune a physical space to the energy of the crossroads. I am starting by working out a cosmology based on Hekate’s relationship with the crossroads and the realms of Land, Sky and Sea. I am then attempting to create correspondences based on this, craft images to empower the ritual, and lastly, integrate these things with the consecration of paths and the construction of a Herm, to recognize Hermes’s place in the crossroads as a traveller.

This is very much a work in progress. Especially the correspondences and reasoning behind them will need tweaking. Feel free to chime in with insights and ideas. 

The Cosmology

The Herm

The Reasoning Behind Hekate’s Imagery

Hekate’s Images

The Correspondences and Epithets 

The Reasoning Behind the Form of the Ritual

The Reasoning Behind the Tools and Gestures Used

The Establishing Prayer I’m Using To Bookend the Widget

The Ritual, Before I Tested It

Gates of Consciousness

Gates and Hekate 

Gates In this ritual

Gate of Heaven

Gate of Trials

Gate of Nightmare


  1. Hello Thenea. So happy to have found your blog today whilst writing my own blogs about my Hekate experiences. I surrendered to her guidance some years ago and went off traveling wherever I felt drawn to. I found I was meeting people at important cross roads in their journey, or going to sites where the energy was working completely at odds, like a slit in the fabric of nature. I was also constantly drawn to physical cross roads in pathways when walking in the woods. The ritual I was drawn to doing was a Kundalini Yoga meditation for the elements, particularly aligning Earth and Ether at the Heart Centre for Humanitys Consciousness. I have also been doing this regularly at a Chapel for St Michael, in a womb like valley. Every time I go there I see a group of women sitting together sharing stories and writing a book. Writing about shared experiences of discovering the sacred woman within. You are the first other female writer I have found with a deep connection to Hekate and to embodying her consciousness in this world. I look forward to reading more……

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