Physical Manifestation

I have been engaged in researching what it takes to get non-physical entities and objects to manifest as though they are physical. Strangely, as I engage in this work, the question I get from other people is less, “Why do you think this is possible?” and far more “Why would this be in any way desirable?”

Sensuality is intimate. Going beyond just sexuality, consider the difference between seeing an old friend over Skype versus in person. Skype limits you to sight and sound. Being able to touch a friend, or smelling their particular perfume feels more like a real interaction, and in some ways, it is. Intimacy with deities is the point of mysticism. Privacy, for most people, is also intimate. Dealing with a deity sensually and privately, rather than intellectually or through a medium, would be awesome. 

Is this necessary? No. Niether is mysticism. Religion isn’t even really necessary. Having deities in your life at all isn’t necessary. But we get something out of it, so we seek it out.

Defining The Desired Results

The Physical Manifestation Spectrum

Past Research

First batch of failed ideas.

More things eliminated.

Religious stuff that might help?

Stuff Currently Under Testing

Symbols for the senses

Triangles to aid in manifestation, Original

Triangles revised according to Ariadne’s advice

Objects consecrated as sensual tethers for a deity

Rituals For Invoking The Senses As Forces

First Ritual of the Five Senses (Or Golden Ritual)

Second Ritual of the Five Senses (Or Silver Ritual)

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