Sure. Let’s give this a shot!

This is my Eventbrite page for the Psychic Self Defense course previously discussed. The ticket on sale is for a 4-Week Pass. I didn’t quite realize that Eventbrite doesn’t allow you to sell multiples dates under one ticket. Not quite the time I thought it would be, either, but the calendar is rather a whimsical being, isn’t it?

Dates: November 6, 13, 20, 27, 3pm-6pm, EST.

Where: Skype. Feel free to add thenea.pantera.

Financial Hardship: If you cannot afford $10/session, please contact me privately, explain the situation, and I will give you a discount code. That lets me keep track of registration without charging you.

Course description: If you have ever had negative astral experiences, negative mystical experiences, or if you have ever wondered whether you might be under psychic attack, this course was designed especially for you.

The price is $40 for 4 sessions. Eventbrite will offer you multiple dates. Please register for the first one. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH DATE YOU REGISTER FOR, YOU WILL BE REGISTERED FOR ALL 4 SESSIONS.

Registration Limit: I’m limiting registration to 10 participants, to keep the class size small and discussions manageable. If tickets sell out before you get to buy a ticket, contact me, and I will make sure you get first dibs on the December session.

Recordings: After looking into legal and privacy-related issues, I realize that I cannot offer the course I want to offer and also offer recordings of it. Not without a gigantic headache. What I can do is offer a summary of discussions, insights and exercises to those who miss a class. Sorry for the inconvenience.