Where Was God?

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Trigger Warning: Abuse, Genocide, Religious Coercion.
Written as decompression from conversations with Ariadne, who I am coming to understand as a Goddess of Social Justice.

And she asked:
Where was God?
But I asked:
Where was her priest?

When whispers were spoken
And promises broken
Girlish ruffles pushed aside
To crush the petals kept inside

And was the All Seeing Eye blind?

And they asked:
Where was God?
I asked:
Where were the decent people?

When feet were marching through each door
And children stowed beneath the floor
Dared not to breathe or tear to shed
For men with guns wanted them dead

Did they deserve death because of blood or faithlessness?

And She asked:
When did I give my approval?
But I asked:
When did You object?

When gods-turned-demons rose not to save
But men and women did enslave
And crushed the questions on their lips
Forced “piety” with stinging whips

Were You deaf to their cries?

And I know this and this alone,
No matter what the myths might say
Of who might sit upon what throne
No god has ever ended injustice without human help.

And if I know a second thing
It’s that evil breeds where we do not fight it
No prayers we pray or songs we sing
–Without concrete action– will ever right it

And so I must be vigilant.

Little girl, my eyes and ears are opened for you.
Hunted people, my home is your home
Running priestess, my athame is yours

Standing up for Justice is never a fool’s errand
But it’s the only errand The Goddess of Fools will ever send me on.


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